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Summer is here with blazing heat for two thirds of the month and being the penguin/vampire that I am, stayed clear of any heat sources if physically possible. Also means no restful nights sleep, I'm temperature sensitive when it's either too warm or cold. Instantly awake and struggle to return to the dream world. On average I wake up twice in a single night during the stuffy night-time summer air. It's strange that I'm dead to the world when I'm asleep, not even a doorbell will wake me up and my room is right next to the front door. Everyone else in the household all heard the doorbell or the dog barking at nights besides me. Nice to know that my body will stir me from my slummer if the house is on fire or frozen over!

More work into strengthening the switchaxe handle and the issue I had last month with axe part is remains unresolved. I had to pick my favourite weapon from Monster Hunter which is probably the most unrealistic design and me trying to recreate it into reality. Plus it weighs a lot depending on how you hold because its not counter balanced in any way. I'm working on my press ups and some causal strength training. I can envision myself at the convention taking frequent breaks.

Another new event this month, me and a few former online guild members (from a game called Ayakashi) started Otogi. It was an unreal experience because we knew that this mobile game would be released for a good year before it was beta tested. We all joined a guild and there's so many more players than our last guild. To tell the truth, it was overwhelming and still is as many of them were in the same boat as us. A cluster of Ayakashi members from many different guilds all in this new group. The majority of them are in a completely opposite end of the time zone!

Introduced an old family friend to a day out for Monster Hunter Offline event, I had invited my friend out too. Somehow it turns to be the five of us on the day trip! We got our Uniqlo t-shirts and sadly didn't have enough time for shopping. The place was far to travel that we had to take theoverground to get there.

Already it paid off to go as we won the first two events but only got a lucky MH figure box as it wouldn't be fair for the same winners to tale the all the prizes. We had a consolidation prize as they accidently read the wrong lap times for one quest. I would of like the Kirin plushie but oh well, we messed up because me and my friend were trying out aerial style but forgot to revert back. Noob mistake! It was a good day out despite the trains stopped running after 4pm which was weird for a Saturday. I had my friend's car as back up which was truly fortunate. Still was a hot day...

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